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At Merlion Global, we help new traders, experiences traders, fund managers, banks and financial institute find the advantage they need to achieve their financial results.
  • Managed a list of Partners
  • Build clients and identity for the company
  • Provide Premium Support to partners
  • Educating Clients and advocating our values
  • Establishing the company in local presence
  • Manage portfolio of Clients
  • Connecting Introducing Brokers/Partners to Merlion Global
  • Customer service & technical support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Trade-related feedback
  • Report on web traffic from all social media
  • Analyze user engagement
  • Maintenance and support of online SEO strategies٫ including the optimization of keywords in content marketing projects.
  • Identify online customer habits and suggest means by which to broaden our audience.
  • Maintain a cohesive strategy across all platforms to increase our brand awareness
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other departments such as Social Media Manager and Marketing department to synthesis marketing campaigns.
  • Respond in a timely manner to customer queries and comments across platforms.
  • Advise other employees on their social media activity (e.g. how and what to share on personal or company pages٫ as well as how to respond to queries or comments from customers or clients)
  • Research benefits of emerging social networks in regards to our company
  • Update our social media company policy as needed.

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